F1 racing, Sekhir GP 2020: Opportunities for young drivers (Part 2)

The Racing Point duo also had a black day when both of their drivers could not get points. Perez seemed to have a safe third place behind Hamilton and Verstappen, but an engine failure prevented the Mexican driver from finishing with only a few laps left in the race.

Before that, an accident caused by a collision with Daniil Kvyat, Lance Stroll could not continue playing. This time back, with their strength, the two riders of Racing Point are still appreciated for the first place in Bahrain again.

Verstappen got 2nd place behind Hamilton last week while also winning the Fastest Lap and got 1 more bonus point, while the second ranked driver on the chart is Bottas only got 8th place. The Dutch driver closed the lead with Bottas to just 12 points. There are two more races in the season, if Bottas continues to play like the last few races, he is likely to lose the 2nd place overall to Red Bull’s racer.

McLaren has also had a fairly successful race in Bahrain when their car proved quite strong, both of their drivers, Carlos Sainz and Norris, to win a good position. This weekend’s race fans of traditional British racing have reason to continue their hopes of success for their favorite racing team.

Ferrari showed a blurred face on the track they used to be so successful when Leclerc finished last in the group of racers with points and Vettel only finished the race in 13th place. A short week, hy The prospect of improving Ferrari’s performance will probably not be too positive.

Pirelli gives the racing teams a C2-C3-C4 tire combo in Bahrain GP. Hamilton could not play that opened up opportunities for other drivers. Bottas will win to maintain a distance from Verstappen or Red Bull’s handlebars will continue to close the gap with Mercedes. Besides, the competition of the drivers in the middle of the rankings is also really interesting, as they competed in their first race in Bahrain last weekend.