F1 racing, Sekhir GP 2020: Opportunities for young drivers (Part 1)

Friday, December 4, 2020, the 16th race of the 2020 season officially took place at the Bahrain International Circuit in Bahrain called the Sekhir GP.

The second consecutive race was held in Bahrain, in response to the restrictions on safety in travel due to the Covid-19 epidemic. This time, although the drivers do not have to move to another venue to compete, they will continue to compete in Bahrain International Circuit but with a completely new road with a total length of 3,543 km, the drivers 87 laps are required to finish the race at Sakhir.

In the race last weekend, also in Bahrain, Hamilton won again, extending his record to 95 races. However, on this reunion, he was unable to enter the race as Hamilton’s previous Covid tests were positive, given his medical condition and mandatory isolation requirements. also will not be able to participate in the season ending race in Abu Dhabi.

Hamilton’s inability to play, opening up opportunities for the young Mercedes driver who is currently Williams’ official driver, George Russell, was promoted to replace the British driver and thereby also opened up opportunities for one-handed. Another race to take his place at Williams, their substitute driver Jack Aitken will be the one in Russell’s car.

Last week in Bahrain also saw quite serious accidents during the official race. The car rushed into Grosjean’s fence, causing the Haas team car to burn immediately, the French driver was stuck in the car and he miraculously escaped out of the flames. That situation should also mention Halo, a detail added to the car to protect the head of the steering wheel has come into effect.

It can be said, without the Halo part, how serious the outcome for Grosjean would be. The current results, although Grosjean’s health is no problem, however, he has burned two hands and needs time to recover. Haas used their test drive Pietro Fittipaldi to replace Grosjean in Sakhir this weekend.